A rite of passage is a ritual event that marks a person’s transition from one status to another. I cannot speak for women, because I am not a woman; but males are quite familiar with this.

In The Beginning…

As young boys, we’re raised to believe that there is a certain order or hierarchy to things. That there is some type of plan, and that we’re the “spearhead” of that plan. We’re encouraged to be children and have fun (like any child), but the manner in which we have fun is often dictated…dictated by our fathers, older brothers, older friends, mothers, society, etc. Males are encouraged to revere the model “alpha” (alpha male), and shun those who do not have or display those characteristics.

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yo i just wanna thank those of you who listened to my new ep and shared kind words with me, thats pretty much the only reason i make music…love & my mental health….and to the people that donated to my bandcamp, i cant express how much it means to me, new music will be made with your donation. everything is full circle. so much love its amazing man.

Check out his Nothing EP, great music!!